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Mental & Resilience Coach Jimmy

I admit I've made mistakes and many wrong decisions, but one thing I've learned is that I am responsible and accountable for my own life.


Let's face it: there will be challenges, problems, frustrations and difficulties. 


That's just life.


The question is, what should you do when you don't know what to do?

My Story

I have faced many challenges in life, including growing up in poverty and struggling with dyslexia.

When I was 18, my favorite sister committed suicide.


At 29, I lost a business venture due to poor decisions.


I was declared bankrupt at 30 and slipped into depression for 3 years.


My marriage ended in divorce and my son died from stage-four brain cancer.


But despite all of this adversity, I rebuilt my life into one of my wildest dreams!


Today, I help others do the same by coaching them how to use my tried-and-true Breakthrough techniques to achieve their own Breakthrough and create the life they want.



Let's connect.

+65 9388 0700

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