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 You Have 
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 We Are In A Business of Transformation 

We believe that true growth and improvement cannot be achieved without transformation on both personal and professional levels.

About Us


Igniting Hope and Enriching Lives



To be the

driving force of inspiration worldwide,

sparking positivity, fueling breakthroughs, and fostering

progress for all.

Core Values

Our core values are centered around pioneering innovation for transformative growth, fostering creativity through unconventional thinking for personal excellence, maintaining authenticity by upholding honesty, integrity, and transparency to build trust, leveraging collaboration to harness the power of partnerships for collective wisdom, and embracing resilience by viewing challenges as opportunities for growth and adaptability.

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Our Story

My name is Jimmy Ong

I am a survivor. I overcame childhood poverty and a series of major life challenges to rebuild my life into one of my wildest dreams, and I now help others in doing the same.

My stories have been featured in various Singapore's national media, and I have been described as a "Survivor" by Channel News Asia, "To Hell and Back" by The Sunday Times, and "Unbroken" by MediaCorp Ch5.

I am proud of what I have overcome, and I am excited to share my story with you.

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Jimmy's hard work and dedication were recognised and rewarded. He couldn't believe he'd won an award for his achievements and perseverance. He was grateful and humbled to be recognised for his hard work. This honour inspired him to keep pushing himself, eager to see what his determination and persistence can inspire and can bring to people's lives.

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Tea With The President

In 2014, Jimmy was invited to a special Tea Reception at the Istana hosted by Singapore's President and Mrs. Tony Tan.


The Every Day Hero

Jimmy was named one of SG50 Celebration Campaign's "Everyday Singaporean Heroes" in 2015. His image was featured on a special Jetstar livery.


Future Peek 2015

Jimmy was one of 15 people featured in Income's Future Peek, a photographic exhibition about ordinary but unique people who overcame adversity to create a better future for themselves.

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We Help Organizations Reshape Their Workplace Culture


Jimmy has trained and spoken to tens of thousands of people of all ages across Singapore, Malaysia, and Asia in both large and small businesses and sectors. From business leaders to educators; from students to operational staff; from senior inspectors to government agencies to thousands of Changi Prison inmates.

Topic: Mission 2025

Executive Leadership Brainstorming Meeting

Topic: The Mindset 4.0: To Power-up Your Unlimited Possibilities

National Sales Convention (For Qualifiers)

Topic: Leadership 4.0 - Beyond All limits

Leadership Development & Teambuilding Workshop

Topic: Good To Great - Together Shaping The Future

Restaurant Managers Conference

Topic: From Striving To Thriving Together

Operation Managers Monthly Meeting

Topic: Thriving Forward

Employee Engagement cum Anniversary Celebration

Topic: Let's Thrive Together

Restaurant Managers Conference

Topic: How To Delegate Effectively

Leadership Development Program (Vietnam)

Power-up Your Unlimited Possibilities

Employee Conference (Hybrid)

Topic: Thriving Forward Together

Leadership & Agency Building Conference

Topic: The Next Level YOU!

Team Bonding and Development Workshop

Topic: From Striving To Thriving

Teambuilding & Leadership Development (Shanghai)

Topic: Breakthrough!

Monthly Engagement & Sales Meeting

Topic: Strive To Thrive

Appreciation & Employee Engagement Program (Jakarta)

Topic: Winning Hearts & Minds

Sales & Services Excellence Program

When leaders look beyond job titles and concentrate on their own personal development, they are better able to appreciate the contributions of their teammates and vice versa. Communication, collaboration, and harmony in the workplace all improve as a result of this.

Client: Taylor’s University - A Culture Transformation & Leadership Advancement Program

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Personal transformation, we believe, leads to positive changes in a group, team, or organization. We empower individuals in resolving personal silent struggles, which inspires long-term change for the betterment of everyone in a team.

Client: Sanofi-Aventis - A Team Bonding and Development Program

Our methods have repeatedly been shown to be effective in increasing employee engagement, motivation, and overall satisfaction with the company for which they work, or even with themselves as individuals! Thank you for entrusting us with the learning of your employees and leaders. We appreciate your belief in our ability to effect genuine and long-term change.

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